Lab Members

Over the years, NCRAC has been lucky to have many excellent employees, volunteers, and thesis students working in the lab. Although most past research assistants and volunteers are featured below, this list is not exhaustive.

Dr. Dana R. Murphy – Department of Psychology, Nipissing University

Dr. Mark Wachowiak – Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Nipissing University
Dr. Steven Arnocky – Department of Psychology, Nipissing University
Dr. Jeffrey R. Nicol – Department of Psychology, Vancouver Island University

Past Supervisors, Research Assistants, Volunteers, and Thesis Students
Alain Carlson – Research Assistant, Volunteer
Allison Mondloch – Honours Thesis Student
Amy Hatcher – Research Assistant
Amy MacIsaac – Volunteer, Honours Thesis Student
Andréa Martin – Project Supervisor, Research Assistant
Anna Dong – Volunteer
Ariel Hu – Volunteer
Breanna May – Honours Thesis Student
Cathy Shaw – Honours Thesis Student
Devin Rotondo – Volunteer
Devon MacPherson – Volunteer
Dianne Howell – Research Assistant
Dulce Pelletier – Research Assistant
Francois-Xavier Larouche – Honours Thesis Student
Frank Cseh – Volunteer
Genevieve Vrana – Research Assistant
Graham Albert – Research Assistant
Harmony Driver – Honours Thesis Student
Jessica Tanner – Project Supervisor Intern, Research Assistant
Kelly Clarke – Research Assistant
Kristen Archbell – Research Assistant, Volunteer
Kyla McKay – Volunteer
Laura Lapadula – Research Assistant
Madison Peake – Honours Thesis Student
Marlena Pearson – Project Supervisor Intern
Masha Blokh – Research Assistant
Melissa Daigle – Research Assistant
Natalee Clarkson – Research Assistant
Nichola Hoffman – Honours Thesis Student
Nicole Robitaille – Research Assistant
Rebecca Gill – Volunteer, Honours Thesis Student
Robyn Pitman – Research Assistant, Volunteer
Sabina Caliciuri – Volunteer
Steven Perrotta – Project Supervisor Intern, Volunteer